About Us


Our History

Established in February 2017 Numeric Roofing & Construction specializes in the supply and installation of all types of all types of roofing-commercial, domestic, industrial..big and small. We quickly realized that there is a shortage of professional quality roofing contractors in our industry, we therefore focus on employing only the best and through extensive training made sure that all staff is qualified for the roofing trade. We pride ourselves with handling projects professionally with the honest intention and integrity to complete each project on time at a high standard and customer satisfaction.

Industry Experience

As director of Numeric Roofing & Construction (Nico Venter) has 16 years experience in the roofing industry from Draughting, Designing, Products and Installation. Working over the years while studying as an Architectural Draughtsman, Nico Venter obtained 3 certificates from the Institute for Timber Construction and passed his Intermediate course for Roof Design at International Truss Systems. He worked himself through the ranks and opened and managed his own branch for a Steel Roofing Company and ultimately ended up opening his own business now called Numeric Roofing & Construction.

Core Values

Numeric Roofing & Construction believe that talented, inspired and motivated people can accomplish extraordinary results. In order to accomplish this goal, we must select, develop and retain the right people. We accomplish this through a constant focus on building the “people culture” of our company, supported by the philosophy that the role of leadership is to create an environment for the people to be successful.


Years Experience

+/- 50


Our Advantages

Whatever type of roofing you need, we do it all with proficiency and perfectly. We are a approved contractor and do everything by perfect standards.

With more than 16 years of experience, our specialists are ready to put a roof over your head that you can trust!

We pride ourselves on always giving the customer the best price and rates possible.

We strive towards making you the client as satisfied and happy as possible by delivering a great service and excellent workmanship.

  • Supply & install of Light Steel Roof Trusses & accessories.
  • Supply & install of Timber Roof Trusses & accessories.
  • Supply & install of Roof Insulation & accessories.
  • Supply & install of Metal Roof Cladding & accessories.